The award categories for The Great Big Thank You Awards 2019 are as follows:


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Carer award speech bubble icon for Thank you Shropshire Awards

Carer Award

This award recognises someone who looks after or helps to support other people, a family member, friend or other relative. They may run errands, do shopping, tidy homes and gardens, help to care for pets or simply pop round for a morale-boosting chat.


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Community Champions award speech bubble for Shropshire Thank you awards

Community Champion

The trophy will go to someone who has served or inspired others or performed in an exceptional way as they have given something back to their community. They have gone the extra mile for the benefit of their community, helping it flourish. Without them, life would not be the same.


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Environmental Champion award speech bubble for Thank you Shropshire

Environmental Champion

This award recognises the person or group  working hard to put the planet first. They might be helping nature flourish, protecting a conservation area or finding ways to improve the environment. This is to acknowledge their efforts and the example they set to others.

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Farming contribution champion

Farming Community Contribution

Shropshire is a proud Farming county and will have countless people who have gone over and above the call of duty to support the agricultural community. With so many lives dependant on the success of Farmers and connected companies, this award recognises and celebrates an individual that has shown dedication and hard work to help others or contribute to the wider Farming family in Shropshire.


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Fundraiser of the year

Fundraiser of the Year

This award is for someone who regularly puts others before themselves; someone who is generous with their time to support an individual or group. Some people dedicate their lives to helping others this way, and it can go unnoticed, it’s not necessarily about the amount of money raised, more the time given by the individual. 

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Good neighbour award

Good Neighbour Award

This is somebody who always helps their neighbours when they are in need or works tirelessly to improve the area where they live for the benefit of everyone. It could be anything from the extraordinary to the very simple, or someone who has cared for their neighbours, helped them keep their neighbourhood safe or simply made a positive difference in their community.

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Grandparents of the Year Award speech bubble for Thank you Shropshire

Grandparent of the Year

This is the chance for grandchildren to say thank you for the help, love and support they get from their grandparents. It could involve stepping in during a family crisis or simply being there at times of need. They might be actively involved in the community too.

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Outstanding Bravery speech bubble for Thank you Shropshire awards

Outstanding Bravery

We are looking for a person who has shown exceptional courage or determination in order to help others, perhaps putting their own life in danger.  This may have been helping out in an emergency, saving someone’s life or preventing a scene deteriorating into a dangerous situation. It could be a member of the emergency services who has been outstanding in their field on or off duty.

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Teacher of the year speech bubble for Shropshire Star

Teacher of the Year

A teacher, who inspires their pupils, encourages them to enjoy learning and does whatever they can to help them to achieve their potential. It could be someone who has spent decades at the same school or a newcomer to the profession, who is already making a difference. It could range from a teacher helping to make learning fun for primary school children to a tutor helping adults to learn new skills.

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Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

This award will go to an individual who regularly puts others before themselves and is generous with their time to support an individual or group. Some people dedicate a significant proportion of their lives to helping others, receiving no financial reward. This is their chance to be recognised.

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Young Star Award speech bubble for Thank you Shropshire

Young Star Award

This award celebrates the young person, aged 16 or under, who has gone above and beyond in achieving their goals in the past 12 months. They may have inspired others by dedicating time and effort to help people – or become a leading light in their sport or hobby. Indeed they may have faced adversity through an accident or illness and come out stronger the other side.

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